Va Sol Est.94'

Who is “Va Sol”

“I put my all in this music, I feel anointed like Reverend” 

—Stomp The Yard–

–Va Sol

Antonio Smoot; publicity known as Va Sol, was born and bred in Florence, SC. His father passed in his early years shortly after his mother was incarcerated. He had no humble beginnings or inspirations which led him growing up with a rough and troublesome childhood. Without any guidance he was easily influenced by family and friends which led him down the wrong path. “Imitation is Suicide” – Va Sol Midway through his teen years his mother moved the family from Flo-town to Queen City (Charlotte, NC.). Va Sol, being the oldest of 3 made him the man of the house. Soon after Va Sol found the love for music, in which he found a way to inspire others by releasing his deepest inner thoughts and feelings. He founded a group by the name of MGM (Money Gang Massacre) that consisted of three rappers who were close friends. As time progressed the group was severed, and his solo career launched with a new brand (S.U.M It Up) which stands for Strapped Up Music. Va Sol

VaSol’s wordplay has become an inescapable force that one can’t help but succumb to. He has developed into a talented and unique artist. Steadily gaining momentum online, Va Sol is following in the footsteps of artist who came before him such as LL Cool J , KRS One, and EPMD just to name a few, yet adding his own unique style and twist. He is pacing himself in a perfect position to make a major mark in the music industry with his new singles “Hold it down”, “Quicka Picka Uppa”, “Kiss of Death”, “Stomp the Yard”, “Supposed 2 feature Mizta Parker”, and “BBOD (bad bag of dope)”. Va Sol now managed by Murphy IV Productions, LLC in 2020, he has now taken his career to greater endeavors. Be on the lookout for more hits singles and collaborations. Va Sol mission is to inspire others through his music platform to initiate change not only in themselves, but their communities as well.

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